Mixing & Mastering

You’ve tracked all your parts, you’re ecstatic about all the new elements in your songs. Now is the time for mixing. We will use all the tools in our satchel to make sure your songs sound amazing to all ears. We will consult with you on creative choices and will not stop until you are completely thrilled with the outcome. Mastering will put on the final touches and make sure your songs sound great on all the platforms including Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and all the rest. (Simply put, mixing is the process of setting levels, tones and effects for all of your instruments. Mastering puts on all the final touches, getting your mixes ready for streaming.)

Mixing fees vary greatly depending on how many tracks there are and how complicated the mix is. Sparse songs (for instance, just guitar and voice or piano and voice) would be about $50. More fully arranged songs, including drums, bass, guitars, vocals and harmonies, keyboards, and other instrumentation, would average $225/song. Mastering is $50/song.

*Project rates are available for multiple services.