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Portland Ringers founder Adam Selzer started Type Foundry Recording Studio in 1998 where he has produced hundreds of albums, highlighted by such artists as The Decemberists, Peter Buck (REM), She & Him, Fleet Foxes, Blind Pilot, M. Ward, Laura Gibson, Sallie Ford, Laura Veirs, and The Portland Cello Project. He was the founder and songwriter of the band Norfolk & Western as well as a songwriter in the group Alialujah Choir. Selzer also often tours with M. Ward playing guitar and bass. For the last 2 years, he has been contracted to write over 100 songs for Facebook’s Sound Collection.



Home Studio Setup

You need assistance in figuring out what recording equipment to buy and how to set it up and use it:

In-house Consultation $250 (up to 2 hours). $85/hr after.

You have recording equipment but need assistance in getting quality recordings:

In-house Consultation $250 (up to 2 hours). $85/hr after.

Song Production and Arranging

You want help crafting your songs including arrangement ideas:

$50/song for production consultation.

Session Musicians

You want professional session musicians playing on your songs:

Session musician fees vary, usually around $150/song.

Studio Recording

You want to record in a professional recording studio:

$60/hr (4 hr. minimum) plus studio fees (varies depending on the studio).

Mixing and Mastering

You want your songs mixed and mastered, ready for streaming:

Mixing fees vary depending on how many tracks there are and how complicated the mix is. More sparse songs (for instance, just guitar and voice or piano and voice) would be about $50. More fully arranged songs (drums, bass, guitars, vocals with harmonies, keyboards, and some other instrumentation) would average $225/song.

Mastering is $50/song. (Simply put, mixing is the process of setting levels, tones and effects for all of your instruments. Mastering puts on all the final touches, getting your mixes ready for streaming.)